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Fund Budgeted Spent Budgeted vs. Spent


Big Easy Budget Breakdown was created by the Committee for a Better New Orleans as a way to make the City of New Orleans's budget data more visually accessible for residents, neighborhood leaders, and community advocates.

CBNO has a long history of support and collaboration with local leaders to encourage greater civic engagement in New Orleans. We feel that by showing public data in a readable, easy to navigate format, residents will be better able to research funding relevant to their neighborhoods and advocate for the change they want to see in their communities.

Big Easy Budget Breakdown is part of the People's Budget New Orleans campaign managed by CBNO. PB NOLA is comprised of a community council of residents and community organizations from across New Orleans who work together for improved resident input in the city's budget.

This site is the first step in answering a question PB NOLA leaders often hear from their friends and neighbors: "Where does the money go?" We hope that this site will help answer some questions, and raise new ones. We encourage all users to contact us with questions. What questions do you have about city spending? How do you feel you can be more engaged? How can we work together to make the city budget work for all of us? Check out our FAQ page to learn more about how the site works, contact us or visit our website.

Thank You

CBNO and PB NOLA would like to extend a special thanks to Cary Grant, Director of Budget and Planning and the budget staff with the City of New Orleans for their support and assistance with this process. We look forward to a continued cooperation with city staff in order to make this site a success.

We also extend thanks to the Sunlight Foundation, a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to the use of technology to make government more accountable for providing funding for this site and for all that they do to advocate new tools to support open data globally.